Transactional Replication Deep Dive Webcast for PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

I will be giving a presentation to the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter on Aug 11,2010. Be sure to attend as they are giving away $50.00 Amazon gift card! The details are below so be sure and sign up!

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12:00:00 PM

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1:00:00 PM

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DBA Virtual Chapter Live Meeting Event

Event Description

Topic: Transactional Replication Deep Dive (presented by Arie Jones) and What a DBA Needs to Know About Data Modelling (Sanjay Shirude)

Presenter: Arie Jones


Transactional Replication is often one of those black box features where if you are using the wizard in a standard implementation then you are fine. Yet, what do you do when you have to do something like transactional replication across non-trusted domains. In this session, we will discuss the internals of transactional replication, how it works, and what you can do to manage your implementations more effectively by understanding what going on underneath the covers.

Presenter Bio:

Arie "AJ" Jones is Principal Technology Manager for Perpetual Technologies, Inc. (PTI) in Indianapolis, Indiana. PTI provides mission-critical database and information systems support for SQL Server and Oracle environments nationwide. Arie leads PTI’s team of experts in planning, design, development, deployment, and management of database environments and applications to achieve the best combination of tools and services for each client. He has authored several books on SQL and related topics including Learn SQL in 24 Hours, Learn SQL in 1 Hour a Day, SQL Functions, and Live Lessons: SQL as well as maintaining the popular web blogs: and