Swan Dive Into Filtered Indexes and Statistics

Thanks to everyone that attended the session. It was great getting a lot of good questions. As promised, here are the slides and the scripts for everything. Please make sure to visit http://www.pragmaticworks.com cause they are the ones that provided the opportunity for you to get some free training.

Demo Files

Also remember that in two weeks I am giving another session with Pragmatic Works and it should be a blast!





Arie Jones
Working Smarter Not Harder! Silverlight with Caliburn.Micro

Arie Jones

As a developer one of my personal joys is discovering tools which simplify some of the mundane programming tasks and allow me to concentrate on the more intricate details of the application. Caliburn.Micro is a free open source framework developed by Rob Eisenberg that uses a Convention over Configuration approach to vastly simplify the types of mundane tasks that we would normally do in a typical Silverlight MVVM implementation. Come and join me in this session to learn the ins and outs of the framework and how to leverage it in order to drastically reduce your development timeline. I will be using minimal slides and lots of sample code in order to get you up to speed!