SSIS Tips & Tricks: Easiest way to implement SFTP

So if you are trying to use SSIS to do SFTP for a project and do not have a budget to just go out and buy a widget then here is a pretty quick solution for you.

1. Download and install WinSCP from here
2. Create a stored session for the ftp session. This is normally the easiest way and looks something like

Now you are ready. The syntax for the command line for WinSCP is as follows…

[WinSCP Path]\winSCP.exe  /script=[Script Path]\UploadFiles.txt

I normally prefer to use this method as the script file is easier to modify if I have to quickly to perform the various FTP tasks. The help docs online for winSCP show the proper format.

Now you just have to add an Execute Process Task to your Control Flow of your package and you are ready to roll.

Hope this helps!