#SQLSAT53 : Kansas City BBQ Smothered in Awesomesauce!

Well, third weekend in a row presenting … so now I am up to 8 presentations in a 3 week period…. personal best..Lol! Anywho, the event was awesome as most SQL Saturday events are. If you have never been to one then you just simply do not know what you are missing! So in order to make your life feel whole again I would suggest that you check out the event site http://www.sqlsaturday.com  and support you local events that will be coming up in the near future.

Speaker Appreciation Night

This was probably the most unique speaker dinner I have been to. Normally, it’s held someplace that is nice and everyone has a great time. This time however, the KC crew upped it a notch and took us out to a Kansas City Royals ball game complete with a suite…No S#!@  check out the pic if you don’t believe it!


Food, conversation, and watching KC take the Rays out to the woodshed….what more could you ask for!

Event Site

The event site was truly the most unique and fun setup I have seen. It was held in a former casino that still had the original them intact! They had a huge cafeteria area and some of the best BBQ for lunch.

KCEvent KCDining1


My presentations went off without a hitch. I gave 2 this time around, the first was on Spatial Data and the second was on Resource Governor. Both were well attended and the people whom came were probably the most engaging out of any group I have been to. Both sets asked lots of questions and even hung around afterwards…in the case of the first one…like 30 minutes afterwards! That’s commitment because I was right up against lunch and there was BBQ waiting downstairs!

So for those of you that attended my presentations …here are the files for both of them. They include ppt, scripts, and I also have a backup of my Spatial db with the election results tables in them for you to play around with.(2008 R2 version) .

Presentation Files


This was probably my #1 SQL Saturday that I have been to. They are all great but this one definitely was unique and I could tell that the organizers put loads of effort into pulling it off right. So my thanks go out to them and all the people attending.

If anyone would like to comment on the event then feel free to use the comments section below. If you have any advice for the team then let me know that to and I will make sure to forward it on to them. 

Definitely looking forward to next year!