#sqlsat50 East Iowa: Post-Mortem

Well, finally back at work after a glorious weekend in Iowa City for the SQL Saturday #50. What a great event! I have to give kudos to the team up there. I had to make a choice about which event I would attend, since there were three actually going on at the same time, and they definitely did not disappoint.

They had tons of notable SQL Server people in attendance… Jason Strate – @StrateSQL ( blog | twitter ) , Michelle Ufford – @sqlfool ( blog | twitter ), Ted Krueger – @onpnt ( blog | twitter ) , Jes Borland @grrl_geek ( blog | twitter ), Kathi Kellenberger – @auntkathi ( blog | twitter ), Bob Pusateri – @SQLBob ( blog | twitter ) , Kendra Little – @Kendra_Little ( blog | twitter ), Louis Davidson – @drsql ( blog | twitter ) ..OKAY THAT’s enough …..if I left anyone that I met off then I am sorry…please add your taglines to the comments section…my little fingers are cramping up here!

Anywho, it was a great time and the event organizers pulled it off without a hitch! So if you were in the area … and you slept in on Saturday…. or spent the day roaming around in your PJs …then it was your loss. Just look what came across the ol Twitter channel this morning…


I had two presentations which included Winnie the Pooh …. yes, that’s right Winnie the Pooh. Let’s face it …..I could have just used the same old slide template… but then would everyone remember that Resource Governor and Policy Based Management are 2 techs in SQL Server 2008 that are underappreciated and underused? Or would you remember it when I tell you this and have a picture of poor ole’ Eyore on the screen! Be honest!


Now for those of you that missed it…..take heart … Michelle is already in a secret underground bunker .. in a secret undisclosed location ….deep within the GoDaddy corporate infrastructure … at their building in Cedar Rapids, IA. ….. scheming on when the next one will be and how they are going to blow it up even more next year!

For those of you whom attended my sessions…thank you for attending. Everyone seemed to be way stoked on the technology which in turn gets me really stoked( if you couldn’t tell)… To tell you the truth, you could put me in a room of people and I could just ask them to give me topics to talk about and I would run on like a jack rabbit for hours. So for those of you awaiting some slides and code they are below…..

Files for all of AJ’s Presentations

For those of you that did attend…. please feel free to add your testimonials to the comments section below. I would like to get a few so that I can pass on to Michelle so that she can use them next year when the team is out pimping the awesomeness of SQL Saturday’s to potential sponsors!