#SQLSat50 East Iowa: Operation Hoosier to Hawkeye Begins!

That’s right people. I am heading out on the road once again for a SQL Saturday. This time it will be SQL Saturday 50 in Iowa City, IA on Sept 18th, 2010. I hear tell that there will be an awesome lineup of speakers available to get you all ‘learned up’ on the latest and greatest techniques for SQL Server.


I myself will be presenting two sessions at least on the following:

Monitoring Data Changes the Microsoft Way with CDC

Most modern enterprise database environments require some measure of auditing their data. Previously, the DBA would need to put together a complicated web of triggers and history tables in order to properly track data changes through the use of data capture tools. Now in SQL Server 2008, Change Data Capture allows the DBA to readily enact a very straight-forward method for tracking the changes and understanding easily how they took place. In this session, we will examine how to set-up, configure, use, and administer the Change Data Capture process in your environment.

Take Control With Resource Governor and PBM

A large majority of a modern DBA’s workload consists of managing their policies and resources on their system in order to ensure that they are being followed and resources are accessible when needed. SQL Server 2008 provides both Policy Based Management(PBM) and Resource Governor, which allows the DBA to discretely manage system policies and resources in a very structured way. In this session, we will show you how to configure, monitor, and administer these features to help lower your anxiety levels while increasing your system’s availability.


Plus, this SQL Saturday looks like it will be featuring a contingent of female speakers such as Kendra Little , Kathi Kellenberger, and Wendy Pastrick ! Even Danika Patrick can’t hold a SELECT statement to this group of DB savvy professionals! Do I exaggerate? I think not! Come see what all the hype if about by signing up