#SQLSAT45 Louisville Post-Mortem


Well another SQL Saturday is under the ol’ belt and thankfully this one was actually a little rejuvenating for me. This is because so far during the first part of the year the following series of events has unfolded…

1. Mother in law Jeep’s front tire falls off on highway…luckily not injured

2. Dislocated thumb….drove self to emergency room…mouse hand thumb immobilized for 2 weeks

3. Car that is not supposed to lock itself when in Park and running locks itself making me call a locksmith

4. Same day as #3 module thingee for 4 wheel drive goes out on wife’s vehicle.

So to say that 2011 is going less than excellent would be an understatement. …. yet I believe it is beginning to turn around.

SQL Saturday #45 in Louisville had a lot of people in attendance. My two sessions on Change Data Capture and Reporting Services 2008 R2 Data Visualizations were pretty well packed and went pretty good. This is especially heartening since I was not even going to go to this event because I got so tied up at work I missed the deadline for submissions. But as luck would have it they had a cancellation and the coordinator hit me up to see if I could do 2 presentations …..so I sent them about 7 or 8 to chose from:)

I think what stood out for me more than some of the previous SQL Saturdays was the exchange of information. I had tons of questions in each of my sessions which I encouraged and even tweeted about. There was plenty of talk after the sessions as well and I met people that had traveled from St. Louis to West Virginia just to attend the event. So I met both of my goals by adding about 20 new followers on Twitter and people asking WAAAAAAY more than 5 questions….so big success..

For those of you that attended my presentations here are my decks and projects and scripts that I promised you.

Presentation Materials

For those of you planning SQL Saturdays in the future please feel free to hit me up even if I have not submitted and you have had a cancellation to fill…sometimes my company will fund me going out other times I can self fund a trip out…..you just never know 🙂