#SQLPASS : Speaking at the PASS Summit 2011!

Well, word came yesterday that I will be speaking at the PASS Summit 2011 in Seattle this October! I am truly excited about the opportunity to speak at this event as this will be the my first large scale event in a few years. Plus, this is a GREAT opportunity for me to network with the awesome community that is out there. I am stoked about finally being able to attend the Chapter Leaders lunch and meet all the Chapter Leaders in the Midwest region that I support. Hopefully, we’ll get a good discussion going about how things are going and what things we need to do for the future!

Okay so I will be given 2 sessions and also have 2 sessions that were picked as alternates…..Heck, I could possibly speak like 4 times which would be awesome and a half! So without further ado here are the selected sessions and a little bit of insight on my plans for each….a little ‘inside baseball’ if you wish Smile 


Introduction to Master Data Services [200]
Session Category: Regular Session (75 minutes)
Session Track: BI Architecture, Development and Administration Topics
Speaker(s): Arie Jones
Most DBAs at one time or another have been taught the importance of master data management(MDM), which is just comprised of a set of processes and tools in order to keep your non-transactional data in a consistent state. However, with today’s fast paced environment and tightening budgets most DBAs lack the resources to properly implement it. With the release of SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft has taken their first swipe at providing a tool known as Master Data Services(MDS) to aid the DBA in this endeavor. In this session, you will learn the basics of the MDS environment as well as how to get started, getting data into the system, data validation, and getting the data out as well. This session will definitely be an eye opener for some that are seeking to bring order to their chaotic data management world.



I have given a Master Data Services talk before and I have put this at the 200 level because most people haven’t even heard of it yet! So I will be taking you through  a TON of stuff on the platform and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly keeping in mind that this is Microsoft’s first swipe at this. Plus, I am going to load people up with scripts, tools, and examples to get them up and running and reduce the workload a bit for managing this system.



Everything Your Developer Won’t Tell You About SQL Azure [200]
Session Category: Regular Session (75 minutes)
Session Track: SQL Azure
Speaker(s): Arie Jones
Cloud computing is being hailed by some as the future silver bullet to everyone’s data availability woes and as such SQL Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based data platform. However, the platform is much different from simply a SQL Server that sits in the cloud and needs to be approached in an intelligent manner. In this fast paced session, we will be going well beyond the simple “hello world” scenario to show you how to leverage the cloud architecture for data storage as well as educate you in how the cloud works differently than your local database instance. We’ll give you all of the powers and perils that exist in the architecture to ensure that your first flight into the cloud is a successful one. This session is going to be an eye opener for sure and will have many of you dreaming of your data sitting in the cloud.



This one I have also given before but it was on a much earlier version of Azure. Now we’ll get down and dirty with the current version and I will explain all of the ins, outs, and gotchas that exist with the platform. What projects its good for…which ones it will not be….what considerations you have to take into account when designing this thing. You’ll come out of the session fully equipped to do battle in the cloud!



Hopefully, I will be seeing a lot of people in my sessions and the Summit….AND REMEMBER! My parent company Perpetual Technologies ( website | twitter ) is sponsoring this year. So you can stop on by and catch me at the booth from time to time! Those of you that have met me in the past can testify that I am very willing to talk about anything and everything in order to help you out with whatever things you have going on in your IT world!