SQL Saturday #51: Nashville ( #sqlsat51 )

Well, I will be seeing everyone in Nashville at the SQL Saturday #51. My session will be on Monitoring Data Changes With Change Data Capture so I am already checking into trying to do some kind of really crazy type of demo to really underpin the technology and the speed and resourcefulness that it brings to the DBAs arsenal…Mwahahahahaha!..(cough)..excuse me. Anywho, Perpetual Technologies, Inc (PTI), my employer is also a sponsor of the event so look for me to be by the table at least part of the day….I am thinking that I will maybe blog all day about the event in a series of miniblogs …..have to tie that in to twitter maybe by using the hashtag in the title…Hmmmm….

Or maybe the lunch room will be free and I will just do some ad hoc stuff…..that would be pretty cool as well….in any case, it should be a really good time….So if you haven’t signed up yet then be sure to do so or risk being labeled a LAMO!

Here’s the whole schedule below….A little messy but hey you can only do so much with cut and paste:)

Start Time
Business Intelligence
Database Administration
Database Development
Professional Development
Session Mix

08:30 AM
Rafael Salas
Planning your ETL architecture with SSIS

Thomas LaRock
DBA Survivor

Aaron Nelson
The Dirty Dozen: PowerShell Scripts for Busy DBAs

Daniel Evans
EPM using R2 and SharePoint 2010

John Welch
Creating Custom Components for SSIS

Alan Brewer
SQL Server 2008 R2 Utility and Data-tier Apps

9:45 AM
Douglas McDowell
Realizing ROI for Business Intelligence Projects

Allen White
Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell

William Pearson
Design and Implement Like Edison!

Stuart Ainsworth
The Social DBA: Resources for Career Building

Andy Leonard
Database Design for Developers

11:00 AM
Wayne Snyder
Information Visualization – Designing great Charts

Jason Strate
Are You Following Your Own Best Practices?

Hope Foley
Working with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008

Mark Tabladillo
Data Mining with PowerPivot 2010

Jeremiah Peschka
Fundamentals of SQL Server Internals

12:15 PM
Kevin Kline

01:00 PM
Craig Utley
Analysis Services 2008 End-to-End

Arie Jones
Monitoring Data Changes with Change Data Capture

Dan Crawford
SQL Server Service Broker

Jack Cannon
From Access To SQL Server

Glenn Berry
DMV Emergency Room!

02:15 PM
Jessica Moss
Make Reporting Services Work For You

Kendra Little
Take the Awesomeness Home: the Data Collector

Kevin Boles
Common TSQL Mistakes

Andy Warren
Building a Professional Development Plan

Brian Kelley
Fortress SQL Server

03:30 PM
Barry Ralston
Introduction to MDX for SQL Programmers

Thomas LaRock
What Are You Waiting For?

Robert Cain
Data Dude – Making DB developers more productive

Drew Minkin
Data Mining in Action: A case study

Andy Warren
Introduction to SQL Server Statistics

4:45 PM
Experts Panel
Stump the "Experts"