Rocky Mountain Tech Tri-Fecta!

The Rocky Moutain Tech Tri-Fecta is going down on Saturday, February 21,2009 in downtown Denver, Colorado and it is FREE! I will be speaking at the event and am just awaiting word on the number and set of presentations I will be giving but it should be a blast!

So for all of those people in the Denver area please come on out and support your local .NET, PASS, and WSUG organizations that have been busting their humps putting together a total of 42 sessions. Plus a great line up of speakers to include…Scott Hanselman, Eric Johnson, David Yack, Paul Neilson, Don Jones, Greg Shields…and …cough..ME!

And for those of you not in the Denver area. Take a break and fly on up to see this. You are passing up a great opprotunity for some free training if you do.