Rockstar Blog Rankings

I keep running across these badges on other blog sites referring to the Rockstar Rankings that Thomas LaRock puts out and have always thought it was a great idea to get people blogging about stuff.  So in an attempt to motivate myself just a wee bit more in keeping up with the both my blogs ( and, I am going to try to rise to the occasion and try to  get noticed enough to receive one of these little treasured goodies to put on the site. I think it will be a fun kind of thing….Kind of like David Letterman getting Oprah on his show….maybe I will start some kind of cool little badge counter for days gone by without a Rockstar badge:) I think that would be hilarious!

I have been on a roll lately with the site, rising up quite considerably in the Alexa rankings over the past year and am wanting to really push the envelope with some good quality posts. Besides, who doesn’t like to play my website is higher ranked than the company website….Lol, I am giggling on the inside just thinking about it!

So the plan is to put together some blogs and maybe even some webcasts to put on the site in order to drive the traffic up to bring the site to <1,000,000 on the Alexa rankings. If any of you developers or dbas out there have  ideas on content that you would like to see or learn about then throw a comment on this post and I will check it out and try to provide you with what you are looking for. You can also tweet me on Twitter if you prefer at @programmersedge  or just click the little birdie on the header:)