PASS Pre/Post Con: Steve Jones a ‘Little’ Miffed

Lol! You have got to check out Steve Jones’ (no relation) post. Obviously, something went a little awry in his committee’s picks for the conference and what actually got published. I cannot blame him…my interactions with PASS on various things in the last couple of years have been hit or miss. But it is the same across a lot of the conferences out there. A couple people control the reigns of the event and then speakers are invited or not based upon the ole’ buddy system.
We could always make a game out of it….

Like pick which company had the leverage to get an extra slot….

Hmmmmm…..I think either SQLSkills  or Solid Quality Mentors …

What do you think? Post your comments and I will tally things up for a winner by default. It’ll be great!

Here is Steve’s Post …LOVE IT!