MVC Development: Remember to Unblock the Moq!

If any of you are doing ASP.NET MVC development right now and are really into doing TDD then more than likely you are using Moq as one of your flavors of mocking libraries. If not then I would advise you to at least give it some consideration as it was built from the ground up with .NET in mind. You can get the library for download from :

Now when you unzip Moq a common scenario is that the first time you try to run anything test-wise with Moq you will get an error telling you that blah-blah directory is not trusted…blah-blah…came from another machine..blah-blah..I want to protect myself from you evil programmers..

So you have to remember to go into the directory where the Moq dll that you are referencing resides ..Right Click and click the Unblock button as shown below..


Unhappy Moq.dll 🙁


Happy Moq.dll 🙂

Happy Moq’ing everyone!