Microsoft-Oracle Event March 2009

We just finished PTI’s second joint Microsoft/Oracle joint code camp yesterday. Everything went along smoothly from my end and we had over 100 people attend which is good for a Wednesday event. I gave three presentations during the day over the following topics.

ADO.NET Entity Framework

Spatial Data using SQL Server 2008

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Pages

Everyone seemed generally very excited about these new technologies and the first one, Entity Framework, generated a WHOLE lot of discussion. I generally see this as an indicator that people see the usefullness of the technology which gets me way stoked. People also wanted to talk about oracle date format compatability with other systems, which was very interesting. I wish that I could get an okay to show some of the future stuff that will be coming out with VS 2010 because it is just over the top coolness.

As promised here are the slides and projects for ALL of the presentations. Thanks to everyone whom attended!

Event Files


** One final note: Several people said that they were ‘surprised’ that it was not some kind of huge marketing talk. These are not. So if you want to get on our events mailing list then just shoot me an email and I will get it to our event gal so you are on the notification list.