Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit

I have recently had the opportunity of flexing my Dynamics CRM development muscles a little more in the office here. I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics’s various ‘flavors’ since about 2004 and have watched the product line evolve into a first-class product. So I am constantly looking for ways in which to make my development life easier especially in terms of the Dynamics CRM platform. Nowadays, when we mention a Customer Relations Management software, I’m sure the majority of the room would say the two competitors leading the marker is HubSpot vs Salesforce. But, what if there was a new player? Such as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM? If you like what you see on a glance, you may want to discover the endless supply of add-ons to the CRM to make it more versatile. You may want to read: Sales and Marketing Solutions that Transform Your Business: explore our business solutions around CRM including Marketing, Document Automation, Business Intelligence, Communications, and Cloud Computing. This will allow you to gain some further information about Customer Relations Management (CRM) Add-ons.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit allows you to more easily develop and customize CRM 4.0 installations. This is a must have tool in your developers arsenal if you are seriously undertaking CRM customization. The kit itself was sponsored by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Engineering for Enterprise group in order to assist developers in doing the following tasks:

  • View All CRM Entities
  • Create and Update CRM Entities
  • Create a Wrapper Class
  • Generate Plug-in Code
  • Integrate the Build and Deploy Process
  • Deploy Across Multiple Servers

Check it out here.

CRM Toolkit Download

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