IndyTechFest 2008!

Well for those of you whom decided to miss IndyTechFest because you slept in on Saturday missed out on one hell of an event. With about 500+ people in attendence this was one of the most electrifying events of the year and it’s good to see Indy flexing its IT muscle. I am trying to find out what the farthest away people came to attend but I know that the people from the Fort Wayne PASS group were in attendance.
The Microsoft crew was in full attendance as we had several Developer Evangelists show up to the event. They were very informative and gave excellent insight to the direction that Microsoft seems to be heading with things nowadays. I have to give them kudos as I know they had about half a dozen people giving presentations which allowed us to expand this year to even more tracks which is never a bad thing.
I being in my usual multi presentation mode gave 2 presentations this year which are linked below. Both were attended well and I have to thank all of the people whom crammed in as we had full seating and people lined up against the  both of the open wall spaces! The first presentation was on the newest features available in SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) 2008 including caching and VSTA. The second is on Reporting Services 2008 and everything new and shiny in its release including most importantly the new TABLIX control which is just totally awesome(I will have to blog more about it in the future).
So thanks to all that came!

SQL Server Integration Services 2008

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008