IndyTechFest 2007!

Well, the inaugural IndyTechFest event kicked off on Saturday as the waves of IT masses(350+) descended upon Indianapolis for a free all day event. Everything went off without a hitch and it looked like everyone was having a great time. I spent my morning and afternoon up until my presentation helping to man the Perpetual Technologies booth in order to ensure that  everyone’s questions got addressed. Whew! I haven’t had to talk to that many people within a short amount of time since the last time that I went to DevConnections in Orlando. Kudos goes to the whole group whom helped put on the event as everything was nicely organized and planning was pretty much to the ‘T’. Hopefully, Microsoft is keeping a keen eye on this when we ask for Scott Guthrie or someone of his stature to come down to give us a talk at the next one. I have always felt that Indianapolis has a ton of Microsoft talent in the shadows and that events like this and the recognition that they bring have been a long time coming.
     My presentation went awesome and I have to say I was very surprised at the enthusiasm level! Considering that I was giving a SQL Server presentation within a .NET Tips & Tricks track at the last spot in the day. The room was actually packed and I had no end of people coming forth afterwards to ask me questions about various things. SOOOoooo, now I am really hyped for my presentation at the IndyPASS meeting tomorrow evening, submitting my stuff for DevConnections this spring, and starting to plan for the next IndyTechFest event.


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