File for #PASS Virtual Group Webcast: Transactional Replication

Okay so here are the files I promised. It includes the slides and the code I talked about. Sorry if it seemed a little rushed but I was already behind the power-curve starting out on time and wanted to cover as much stuff as possible. Be sure to check out the other webcasts coming up for the XRMVirtualGroup and PTI’s webcast series. You’ll find the links in previous posts here…..

Also, for those of you around the Nashville area, be sure to support the upcoming SQL Saturday #51 coming up on August 21st,2010. Right now I think the registration count is up to 250+ …….also I heard that if registration hits over 400 that Kevin Kline will shave his head….just saying….don’t know where it came from …..but that’s the word on the street:)

Webcast Support Files