Cuil is Pretty Cool

Well, I have got to admit that I have neglected looking into other search engines for some time. You would think with my background in neural networks and such that I would naturally be a nut about search engines. Sorry, my time is tight enough with all of my consulting and speaking engagements.

So in my research for Microsoft’s upcoming search engine release(Kumo or Bling or whatever it will be named), I came across a group of former Google engineers that in the last year launched their own search engine called Cuil…and believe it or not..I really like it.

I find that it is a lot more refreshing that Google which now actually seems kind of blah…It almost seems as if Google is just sitting on their duff while they rake in the dough as I haven’t really seen a lot of innovation around search from them lately. So I would encourage everyone to take a look and decide for yourself.