Consulting Services

Thanks to everyone whom has been attending the conferences and events that I have been doing over the past couple of months. I have meet a great number of unique and interesting individuals. I am starting to get a flurry of emails in concerning whom people should get in touch with for hiring Perpetual Technologies for consulting work…so I am putting some things on this post since I give out my blog url at all the presentations.

For Micorosoft Services contact:

Kristin Sheibley

(800) 538–0453

For Oracle/Unix Services Contact:

Leah Kegle

(800) 538–0453

You can also visit our website at

We do all sort of remote operations support for large and small companies and even project work. Most of the time saving the client about 30% or so when you factor in that you pay no vacation, benefits, or anything of that sort. So give these gals a call and see how our professional team of consultants can help your organization out