Chicago SQL Connections Talk: Auditing Using SQL Audit in SQL Server 2008 R2

Thanks to everyone that attended the presentation last night! It was really great to have everyone there and engaged in the conversation. Also great to see some old comrades as well.

Below you will find the link to my slides and the content from the presentation. Remember that some of the things to consider when setting up the report package.


1. Remember to change the location for the files on the Auditing DB. Please pay attention to the script as it will create secondary files for each month…so there are a few of them. Make sure you have the space available for them or modify the script.

2. Remember that there are store procedures that are run in order to fill the aggregate tables that are not necessarily contained in the SSIS package. Plus, the default behavior is to aggregate the previous days data. If you want it to do the current date then you will need to either pass it a date+1 or modify the stored procs. Remember, however, to take into consideration edge cases…such as if the package runs every thirty minutes then what happens with the stuff from 11:30pm-12:00am when it runs at 12:00am?


SQL Audit Presentation Files