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Ah yes, I know…a little corny but every so often at events I run into some interesting people and I actually try to look up almost everyone that I meet in order to see what they are about. So I have decided to start a little Young Developer / Young DBA to Watch track here and put together some quick shout outs to those young individuals that I meet that I think might just be motivated enough to do some great things in the future….

Criteria is as Follows…

  • Younger than me … <28 years old(Cough,Cough)
  • Needs to do cool things based upon an arbitrary scale determined by a point in time of my choosing.
  • Needs to be .NET developer or SQL Server DBA ….cause seriously why would anyone use anything else?


  • Admiration of your fellow Developers/DBAs
  • Maybe one day I will make a cool logo or something

This last weekend while at SQL Saturday 87 in Louisville, I ran into a Patrick Riley ( @priley86 | blog )  after my SQL Azure talk. An interesting conversation ensued regarding sharding and the Enzo framework.

So upon looking over his Twitter feed, I ran across some very interesting blog posts by Patrick that I think deserve a read.

Fuzzy matching: a programmer’s view of the Damerau-Levenshtein algorithm

and also

SQL Azure Federations and Enzo Shard Demo

So this week I pick Patrick as the Young Developer to Watch. If you have time you should take a look at his fledgling blog and possibly give him a follow on Twitter…I already have..



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