A New Direction

My blog has gone through SEVERAL iterations over the past several years, mainly depending on what mood I am in at a particular time or what technology I am using. I have basically tried them all… big platform content management systems and open source projects. For the longest time, as this blog grew in popularity I had settled into using WordPress. Not exactly my favorite choice, as I have a visceral reaction to anything that contains PHP or MySQL nowadays. However, over the past year through a series, a rather long series, of WordPress getting hacked … me fixing it … getting hacked again … Google complaining .. me fixing it … getting hacked again.. (you get the picture).  I even have a post I will be sharing on how just changing your Admin password is really not going to be enough to stop your WordPress site from becoming part of the every growing Botnet that is out there. So a couple of months ago, I made the big leap to BlogEngine.NET .



Out of the various .NET platforms out there, this was what I considered to be the best fit for me. Once the conversion was complete, I found the design to be a little boring so I went about changing the theme here and there working within the general constraints of the system. Yet, it never really felt like it was something that stood out. So I drew some inspiration from Andrew Westgarth’s blog ,




CodersBarn.com ,



and Windows 8 to come up with something a little more unique. So I looked around the web and started literally putting pen to paper to come up with a new design .



During the process, I added a LOT of stuff to BlogEngine.NET, introducing a couple of new frameworks and features. So this is the site’s first release. Hopefully, I will be able to work out any bugs and add a couple more features depending on feedback I get from people. I might even be persuaded to blog about what exactly I did with the core of BlogEngine in order to get it to do what I was wanting it to do and my thoughts on the platform as a whole.  So enjoy and let me know what you think about the new layout.




** PS: For my mobile users. I haven’t gotten over to creating a custom mobile theme yet but it is coming. Possibly with a few changes to allow for different mobile devices….cause really … an IPAD is not a Windows Phone is not Surface…. and everyone shouldn’t be forced to look at the Phone layouts when they have a tablet.


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