SSIS Row Comparison By Checksum

I recently ran across an SSIS package that needed to be rewritten that included the Checksum Transformation from . The main reason was that they wanted the removal of the component because they were using it to compare...

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Windows 8, Is It Really DOA?

Issues or Not? Over the past couple of days I have read some very interesting posts by people having issues with Windows 8 or the perception that Windows 8 doesn’t have something when it actually does. In particular, this...

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The Future of Bitcoin?

A lot of press has been made of Bitcoin in the last few years, but what exactly is the phenomenon and how could or would it affect the way that we handle transactions? Background For the uninitiated. Bitcoin is a form of...

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A New Direction

My blog has gone through SEVERAL iterations over the past several years, mainly depending on what mood I am in at a particular time or what technology I am using. I have basically tried them all… big platform content...

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